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Dispute resolution for children

Explaining alternative dispute resolution to children - mediation and conciliation are presented at the children´s university at Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau. Greg Bond has written an essay on this in the book...[more]
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Kluwer Mediation Blog

Experienced mediators, academics and process designers from all over the world blog on the Kluwer Mediation Blog on topical questions and key issues in conflict resolution. Once a month Greg Bond writes an article for...[more]
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Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching is a professional and structured method for exchanging ideas and discussing cases from working life. Greg Bond, Pia Mahlstedt and Christof Berlin have written about their own experiences with peer coaching....[more]
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Mediation Practice

Mediation Practice 8 Cultures, 16 Cases, 128 Creative Solutions Mediation Practice is a new book edited by Greg Bond and published in February 2016 by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. It is a dialogue between experienced mediation...[more]
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Systemic Mediation

Perspektive | Schwerpunkt 4 | 2015 Systemic mediation is about understanding conflicts and their resolution in terms of the organisational and interpersonal contexts in which they are embedded. We have written about this in the journal "Perspektive...[more]
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"Keep Calm and Mediate"

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Commercial Mediation Comptetion took place in Paris in February 2015 for the tenth time. Greg Bond interviewed Hannah Tümpel, Paul Eric Studt, Christian Hartwig und Birgit...[more]
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Training Role-Plays

International Commercial Mediation Training Role-Plays International Commercial Mediation Greg Bond und Colin J Wall have edited a new book with training role-plays for  international commercial mediation. The role-plays were all written by experienced...[more]
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