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The three Rs in leadership

The three Rs in leadership Destroy the idea that you have to be constantly working or grinding in order to be successful. Embrace the concept, that rest, recovery, reflection are essential parts of the progress towards a...[more]
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Never say NO

Never say NO says Bond, Kati Bond In preparation for a training programme for coaches I held I have been reading and thinking about helpful communication in the last weeks. What is “helpful” communication? I define it as...[more]
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Soulful Leadership – Just for Softies?

Soulful Leadership – Just for Softies? One trend in articles and blogs on leadership over the last yea r has been the theme of humanity, togetherness and ethical leadership. In one of my coaching processes I worked with a...[more]
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Good relationships - how to

Meaningful and Mindful Relationships at Work – But How? Every day we can see at least one TV talk show where politicians from various parties voice their opinions. Voice them? Share them? Fight over them? It is not easy to...[more]
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Just Working

Yes, I admit it. With my own 5 Day Challenges I become a member of the great “self-improvement” brigade. And yes, I stand by this, and I think it is important to question my own assumptions and to work towards more empathetic...[more]
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Obstacles and Treasures – part 1

Obstacles and Treasures – part 1 Recently while I was training we tried out a structural constellation on the theme of attaining goals. SySt© structural constellations are an unconventional way to work through issues and...[more]
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A spoonful of sugar

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down Yesterday in a mediation: “I really do not intend to hurt you.” Followed by a written list of things the other person should change. You can imagine how the other person felt....[more]
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Before it is too late

A team leader asked me a while ago if he could “force” his team members to attend a team development event.  I do not see “force” as the right word here, but I do think that he can expect them to attend. In his team there...[more]
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Friendliness - an infinite source

Once again we just mediated with a large team. More than twenty people came together to come to an understanding about different perspectives and ways of working. Or perhaps not an understanding? Did they just want us to be there...[more]
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Put yourself in their shoes

I had another of those archetypical encounters over a service counter the other day. It was at the post office, where I have my bank account. I asked the lady who sold me stamps for some information about banking, but she...[more]
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Circus director

Ntamouchari, Greece, summer 2015, Photo: Kati Bond I am not enjoying my jobor I would prefer to be the manager of a circus A question often people who come for coaching often ask is whether they are working in the right job. Should they look for a different job? Sometimes they...[more]
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Lightning conductor

Piran, Slovenia, Summer 2013, Photo: Kati Bond My boss has it in for me. He is always criticizing me in front of others. For no particular reason. I have been moved to different departments and cannot change anything. I am given more work than others. I am asked to work in...[more]
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